The following will give you an idea of the fun things we have planned through the summer at KKLC for your children at KKLC.  Please note what group your child is in so you know when they are scheduled for their fieldtrips.


We currently are doing fieldtrips with our 3, 4, 5 year old groups, as well as our SACC (school age) children .  If your child is 2 or younger, they will be participating in our in-house special days, until they turn 3. 


Parents are ALWAYS welcome to participate on special days and welcome to join us for all fieldtrips.  Thanks! 


Some fieldtrips do not have specific dates yet, I have approximate dates on the calendars,  but will let you know when the fieldtrip location calls me to confirm our date. 


A few of the trips will cost a little money, if you need assistance paying for those fieldtrips, please talk to Megan.  We want every child to be able to participate.


We’re excited to have you with us this summer! 


Thank you!

Megan Straub

And the KKLC Staff





            14th- Lewisburg Playground-   Will need a packed lunch.

            21st- Montour Preserve- will need a packed lunch.

            27th Taco Day at KKLC.  Sign up sheet will be on fridge.

28th- Lake Tobias.  Will need a packed lunch, $5.  Will depart KKLC at 9:00 am and return around 3 PM.

30th- rain date for Lake Tobias


            5thMifflinburg McDonald’s for lunch.  $5

            12th- Kidsgrove Playground.  Will need a packed lunch.

            19th- Montour Preserve. Will need a packed lunch.

            26th- Movie Theatre or Roller Skating. $5.

            28th- Luau at KKLC!!! Sign up on fridge closer to date.



            2nd- Hands on Museum- Williamsport.  $ unknown.

            9th- Mini golf.  $5.

            16th- Lewisburg Playground, or bowling. ($ unknown)

            18th Hoagie Day at KKLC.  Sign up on Fridge.

            23rd- Montour Preserve.  Packed lunch.



Preschool (will include 3s if room available)



2nd- Lake Tobias.  Departure KKLC at 8:30AM return to KKLC at 2 PM.  $5.  Will need a packed lunch.

3rd- rain date for Lake Tobias.

19th- Pizza Lunch at KKLC. Approximately $2.50.

25th- Montour Preserve.  Free. Need a packed lunch.




            8th- Reptiland.  $5. Will Leave KKLC at 9:15 am.

            22nd- Kidsgrove Playground.  Selinsgrove. Will need    a packed lunch.

            27th- Taco Day at KKLC. Sign up will be on fridge.




            6th- Lewisburg Playground.Will need a packed lunch.

            20th- Possible Garden Walk. Selinsgrove

            28th- Luaa at KKLC. Sign up will be on fridge.




            3rd- Hands on Museum Williamsport.$$ Need a packed lunch.

            17th- Montour Preserve. Need a packed lunch.

            18th- Hoagie Day at KKLC.  Sign-up on fridge.



2s and under



            19th- Pizza Day at KKLC


            27th Taco Day at KKLC


            28th Luaa Party at KKLC


            18th Hoagie Day


We will also have the library person coming in once a month to read a story, and do activities.


Others will be added as they are scheduled.




KKLC Staff